Is it possible to learn meditation through online and offline resources, and if so, what would you recommend?

I happen to see the post on Reddit and in response to it, it is definitely possible. Ever since I started meditation a couple of years ago, I was lost at how to start. Going to the library and there are easily 100 over books. As I started to read, this gets more confusing as different authors talk about different techniques. This finally all make sense when I came across a youtube video on a TED talk by Andy Puddicombe.

I downloaded Headspace and got started immediately.  App is free for download with 10 sessions of 10 minutes guided meditation.

The few sessions were uncomfortable but it gradually got better and very quickly, I completed the 10 sessions. It opened the path of meditation for me. I restarted the program and started from Day 1 again for another month and that formed my meditation habit.

Now, I am able to meditate on my own. Without giving myself to pressure, I follow my intuition if today will be good for a 10 minutes or a 20 minutes meditation. To make it as habit as per the 3 R’ of Habit change – Reminder (the trigger that initiates the behavior), Routine (the behavior itself; the action you take), Reward (the benefit you gain from doing the behavior, I created the following routine for myself.

  1. Reminder – the trigger will be after a good shower at the end of the day.
  2. Routine – the behavior to bring out my meditation cushion, set my timer on my phone for 10 or 20 minutes and start meditation.
  3. Reward – I make a nice hot cup of green tea after meditation and continue on my day.

What about yourself? Happy to hear about how you started on meditation and if there are any good tips to share.

Peace and Happiness,
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Simple Steps To Get Started in Meditation

Nothing fancy. Try it and make it a habit.

  • Find a comfortable chair. Keep your back and neck straight. Close your eyes
  • Begin with 30 seconds of breathing… in and out… make the effort to breathe in hard enough so that if there is someone beside you, they will notice
  • Feel the body relaxing and start the body scan from the top of your head
  • Focus on your breathing and if your thoughts start to drift, bring your attention back to your breath
  • You might experience moments of pleasure, restful alertness
  • Try 5 minutes on the above first and increase a min for every session till you can comfortable sit for 20 minutes
  • Recommendation is to practice twice – one after you wake up and second one after dinner

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Bringing meditation and everyday life together

Meditation is a process of training and transformation. Just like a muscle, you have to train it regularly to grow. Resistance gets in the way such as lifting heavy weights at the gym. Meditation is the gym for the mind which we neglect.

The hustle and bustle of daily life rarely opens an opening to experience the strength and stability necessary for meditative practice. Therefore it is important to devote time itself for meditation, even for 30 minutes a day. If you can spare more time, more is better.

Practice at the start of the day gives you a headset to the day and the effects can permeate your outlook and approach to the thing you do well as to your relations with the people around you.

With meditation, it allows you to see the events in your life within a larger perspective. Little by little, you can change your habitual day of being and you get to understand reality and a finer understanding of laws of cause and effect.

To learn more, check out my free ebook on “Steal Mindfulness From Yourself”

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10 Ideas on Time Management

  1. No matter how busy you are. Do not neglect the most important thing. Your family, your health.
  2. Priorities are priorities. Period. Identify the most important thing and focus hard on it.
  3. Reflect at the end of the day on the tasks you spend time on. Could you have done it better or was it even necessary.
  4. Be mindful that you only have a limited time to do the things that really matter.
  5. Do the most dreadful and difficult thing and you will look forward to the easier things that come along the way.
  6. Manage not only time but your energy level. Each individual function at peak performance at a certain time frame.
  7. Observe how successful people speak their time. Could you learn from them to do things faster?
  8. Schedule task so that you do not need to waste any brain power to think what you want to do next.
  9. Before you do a task, breathe in and ask yourself whether it is worth your time.
  10. Be organized so that you do not waste time trying to recall things.

From today, I commit to writing 10 ideas everyday as part of training

I found this very useful when I started this practice 1 month ago writing in my notebook. It is time to translate it to online. Inspiration is from here.

Today’s theme is 10 ideas on how to meditate more

  1. Set a fix time each day to meditate
  2. Do it continuous and not break the chain
  3. Make yourself comfortable before you meditate. For me, I do it after a nice hot shower.
  4. Find a good seating cushion
  5. Find a good place where it is quiet, cool and won’t be disturbed
  6. Read up articles or magazine to get more inspiration. Personally, I like this.
  7. Attend meditation class or join in group meditation classes
  8. Stretch a bit before you meditate in case you feel sleepy
  9. Reward yourself with something after a meditation session
  10. Write on your meditation session in your journal

For tomorrow, let’s think of 10 ideas to be more mindful.

P.S If you have not done so, download my free ebook “Steal Mindfulness from yourself


Welcome to the world of mindlessness

What is really mindfulness? A quick google search returns about 32,100,100 records. There are thousands of books on Amazon and even libraries that are dedicated on the topic of mindfulness.

Join me as the mindless duck who will experiment mindfulness in my own way – one step at a time. Doing it is all that matters. Learn from the lessons that did not go well and do more of those that went well.

If you are have any ideas on mindfulness or even mindlessness, drop me a note