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From Mindless to Mindful: The 5 Minutes Exercise

How to become mindful even when everything is going south and this might be the last thing you want to do.

When everything is going south

All of us struggle with priorities and time. Myself included. When life is topsy turvy, all you want to do is to hide on your bed and sleep it off (hoping that it is possible).

When I had a down moment in my life, I started this practice writing in my notebook and it truly truly helped. It is time to translate it online.

Inspiration is from here.

How to feel better by writing ideas

Let your creativity flow. Grab a notebook or like me, write it online to share with people who are in the same situation. Here are the steps:

1. Give yourself a theme (any)

Give yourself a theme every time you are doing this. Usually, it will be related to the situation you are in. For example, if you are feeling broke, write 10 ideas on how to start making money straight away.

2. Stop at 10 and review them

Once done, you will either have a ahh ha moment or hmmmm moment. Explore the ahh ha ideas to build it further. Say for example, you would like to earn more money and one of the ideas is to seek for part time gigs. You like this idea. Start exploring whether you know any friends who are doing part time gigs? Or can you just try out with hiring notice pasted on the shop? Sometime, these ideas can build into actions and you pull yourself out of the deep hole.

3. Repeat till you feel better

Repeat doing these idea generations until you feel lighter and a sense of renewed purpose. You will get it when you try it.

An Example

The example I will give later on how to meditate more.

I was bashing myself hard for not being able to meditate more. I was burned out, working 12 hours a day and hated myself not being able to see daylight as I start work before the sun is up and end my work when the sun is down :(. I hated my lifestyle and during my break or commute time, I stumbled upon meditation which I really wanted to try but had been pushing back for many months because of the unhealthy work hours I had.

I came upon the idea machine concept by James Altucher and decided to give it a try. This was what I wrote down:

Today’s theme is 10 ideas on how to meditate more

  1. Set a fixed time each day to meditate
  2. Do it continuously and not break the chain
  3. Make yourself comfortable before you meditate. For me, I do it after a nice hot shower.
  4. Find a good seating cushion
  5. Find a good place where it is quiet, cool and won’t be disturbed
  6. Read up articles or magazine to get more inspiration. Personally, I like this.
  7. Attend meditation class or join in group meditation classes
  8. Stretch a bit before you meditate in case you feel sleepy
  9. Reward yourself with something after a meditation session
  10. Write on your meditation session in your journal

For tomorrow, let’s think of 10 ideas to be more mindful.

A side note

If you are consistently feeling down and have thoughts of hopelessness, lack of self-worth and even considered suicide, please alert your family and friends immediately and consult professional help.

Finally, Try This Out!

It’s a really simple exercise and it takes 5 minutes. Why not try it out and see if it helps you feel better :).