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10 Ideas on Time Management

10 good ideas that I gathered from the multiple time management and productivity books to refer to!

  1. No matter how busy you are. Do not neglect the most important thing. Your family, your health.
  2. Priorities are priorities. Period. Identify the most important thing and focus hard on it.
  3. Reflect at the end of the day on the tasks you spend time on. Could you have done it better or was it even necessary.
  4. Be mindful that you only have a limited time to do the things that really matter.
  5. Do the most dreadful and difficult thing and you will look forward to the easier things that come along the way.
  6. Manage not only time but your energy level. Each individual function at peak performance at a certain time frame.
  7. Observe how successful people speak their time. Could you learn from them to do things faster?
  8. Schedule task so that you do not need to waste any brain power to think what you want to do next.
  9. Before you do a task, breathe in and ask yourself whether it is worth your time.
  10. Be organized so that you do not waste time trying to recall things.