Writing Reflections for 2018

Top 5 Meditative Music to save as your Playlist

Top 5 free music from Youtube to get into your reflective zone

2018 is coming to an end and what other time to simply take out a journal to pen down your reflections and thoughts of 2018.

Wait.. something is missing. The car just zoomed past you and your neighbor is doing construction work. Yes, all meditation students “should” be able to close off these surrounding noise and go on with the reflections but.. why not pamper yourself a lot more by just a small act of plugging into your headphones. Enter into a sanctuary of peaceful music to get into the zone.

What I look for in a piece of meditative music for reflection

You can always google or just hit YouTube search for tons of recommendations of meditative music.

My only issue is the popular ones may not be what I am looking in a piece of meditative reflective music to get into the state of going inward and reflecting.

A meditative reflective music must:

  • Have a melodious repetitive melody
  • Background sound or a secondary accompaniment
  • Not too many things going on or else it will take up too much of my attention listening to it
  • Able to put the music in the background and focus on my writing
  • A sense of calmness, peace when I listen to it.
  • Bonus if the song is original

What I am introducing are may be less known music which I have refined overtime by searching newly uploaded videos and checking them out.

Top 5 music from YouTube to save or subscribe

Here are the top 5 that I use for my own reflective writing.

Please note these are personal recommendations that I am sharing and not getting an affiliate earning or whatsoever.

1. De-Tension Center Piano with Rain Mood Music – 30 mins

I stumbled on this channel when it just posted it’s first song and I found it really really good. While it is a relatively new channel, the music composition is original, and a twist of a lullaby in this quality music being produced.

The melody is addictive but yet, able to function as a piece of background music. The sound of the rain makes me feel like it’s the time to get introspective and to do a reflection. In fact, this is what the channel author wrote too in the description. 30 minutes is a nice amount of time to do a decent reflection.

Do encourage by subscribing!

2. Tiny Lotus 2 Hours of Relaxing Music

Looking for something more oriental? This is a piece of melodious repetitive music to get you into the mood to reflect. 2 hours is a little long so I placed this as my last piece of music in my playlist and end it whenever I am done.

3. Deep sleep piano instrumental forest healing music

Unfortunately, the channel name is in Japanese so I think you can try to Google Translate it. A piece of nice soothing music. This is the kind of music that is useful to add to the peaceful feeling and get into the mood to do reflection

4. DeTension Flute and Piano Lullaby – 20 mins

I know I introduced this earlier but this is also on my playlist! This is the first song with flute and piano. The soothing flute melody makes the music feel cozy and at home. Just like a snuggly feeling to unwind, reflect and write. Just don’t do this on the bed.

5. Lullabies and Dreamy Skies – 2.45 mins

While this is the shortest music, I particularly like this somewhat melancholy and haunting melody to get into the mood of reflection. Also an original composition, you can definitely explore this channel to see if there are other music you enjoy.

How would your playlist be?

I sincerely hope that what I recommend provides you with new insights into reflective music. Below is a list of resources I have gathered to broaden your options so that you can find a suitable set of meditative music for yourself to do reflection.

Also I will be updating my playlist when I listen through more music. Lookout for new updates 🙂

Do comment over on what you would look out in meditative music for writing and whether you have a channel you enjoy! I’m really curious!

Enjoy the remaining few days of 2018. I wish you a happy 2018 and an even better 2019! 🙂


Popular YouTube channel you can check out

Playlist that I use on Spotify