From today, I commit to writing 10 ideas everyday as part of training

I found this very useful when I started this practice 1 month ago writing in my notebook. It is time to translate it to online. Inspiration is from here.

Today’s theme is 10 ideas on how to meditate more

  1. Set a fix time each day to meditate
  2. Do it continuous and not break the chain
  3. Make yourself comfortable before you meditate. For me, I do it after a nice hot shower.
  4. Find a good seating cushion
  5. Find a good place where it is quiet, cool and won’t be disturbed
  6. Read up articles or magazine to get more inspiration. Personally, I like this.
  7. Attend meditation class or join in group meditation classes
  8. Stretch a bit before you meditate in case you feel sleepy
  9. Reward yourself with something after a meditation session
  10. Write on your meditation session in your journal

For tomorrow, let’s think of 10 ideas to be more mindful.

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