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3 Easy to Understand Videos on Meditation

Get started in 2019 or renew your interest in meditation with these easy to understand meditation videos 

Meditation is such a simple practice but yet it is so hard to comprehend. Over the year-end holidays to 2019! I used meditation and mindfulness as a conversation starter and realized that there are so many different understanding of meditating!

I came to understand meditation from an eastern perspective – through Buddhist meditation and my sister, understood it through the Yoga perspective. Over the sharing session, she shared over some resources in Youtube and I thought it was good!

Whether it is a Yoga, Buddhist, Taoist or simply a modern perspective, it is still meditation which will add value to your life. It’s the same as the quote my parents shared with me:

It Doesn’t Matter If a Cat Is Black or White, so Long as It Catches Mice.

Deng Xiaoping

Sharing the YouTube videos to broaden your perspective :). There are Part 1 to 8 on this. I am embedding the parts that are more relevant to mediation.

Once again, there is no affiliation and whatsoever, if there is, I will inform upfront.

Hope all these resources help you get a better understanding of what meditation is!