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5 effective tips to get fit with meditation

5 tips to integrate into your fitness routine to level up your fitness level 

At the start of 2019, many of us will have added “Exercise”, “Slim down” or “Lose Weight” as one of our 2019 New Year Resolution. As most of us know (unless you are super optimistic with everything as rainbow and unicorns), we lose interest in our New Year Resolution as quickly as the fizzing of soda water.

Below are 4 small but useful tips to double the effect of exercising. For newcomers or returned exerciser, this will help increase the effectiveness of exercising, helping you to raise your metabolism and get into the cardio fat-burning mode. For regulars, this will help to add improvements to your routine.

1. Take a deep breath.

By taking a deep breath, breathing can make you be more focused before exercise.

Going to the gym or even to the park to exercise might be nerve-wracking for someone who hasn’t been into exercise for some time. Everyone around looks too good. The lady that ran passed you has a modal figure. The guy lifting the weights looks like someone who may be related to The Rock.. you get it. You get very conscious about yourself. The fabby tummy you wish that can disappear, that wobbly bye-bye arms you always hide with a sleeved top.

For the seasoned athlete, you may still look, envy and feel competitive. How come this person is able to carry heavier weights?! I want to outrun this person who is sprinting on the treadmill.. While it is easy for me to say don’t look, don’t think as such, the mind will not listen. To let your mind calm down, do the below simple exercise.

Taking a deep breath or several for 3 to 5 minutes before starting to exercise. You can even do this in the gym toilet if you think people will give you funny faces when you do this. This exercise will help to calm your fazed mind. Use the “4-7-8” rule. Inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 7 counts, and exhale with 8 seconds. I know it sounds easy. It is easy! Too easy that your mind might just brush it off but do try it!

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2. The use of massage rollers for a short time can improve performance.

Don’t underestimate the function of the massage roller (Foam Roller)! Dan Giordano, a therapist at Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy in New York City, said: “Even if you only do 5 minutes, you can improve your performance.”

He suggested that you can massage for the part you want to exercise every day. “If you want to run, you can consider massaging the hamstrings, quadriceps, thighs and calves. Massage each section for 30 seconds to increase blood flow.”

Form rolling helps to increase flexibility, blood circulation. It removes muscle tension and improves performance. You can do foam rolling for warming up, to cool down or for both sessions.

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3. Make a music playlist

When you are exhausted, music is your best assist to pump you up! Danielle Cote, Education Operations Manager at Pure Barre, Ballet Fitness Center, said: “It takes 5 minutes to prepare the right music. You will never regret it. Music can distract you from distractions, increase your emotions and endurance, find the connection between body and mind.”

But she stressed that there are different types of sports so don’t just have a generic “fitness playlist”. If you do aerobics day, pay more attention to the beats per minute (BPM) to keep to the tempo.

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Recommended playlist

4. Meditation can add more vitality to your exercise performance

Pre-fitness meditation

Khajak Keledjian, founder of New York meditation studio Inscape emphasized on the benefit of Pre-fitness meditation. Pre-fitness meditation can make you more focused and energetic. You don’t need too much time to meditation but you will find your exercise performance different.” Pre-fitness meditation can also reduce headaches, lower blood pressure, novices can start with 60 seconds. With the proliferation of meditation apps like Inscape, Calm and Headspace, it is easy to get a guided meditation for 60 seconds to prep you before starting your exercise.

Headspace.com |Mini-guided meditation from Headspace to try out

Post-fitness meditation 

Do the same for post exercising. Grab your headphones and turn on 60 seconds to 2 minutes of guided meditation or soundscape to relax, rest and get your body to recover.

Do the same for post exercising. Grab your headphones and turn on 60 seconds to 2 minutes of guided meditation or soundscape to relax, rest and get your body to recover.

If you are familar to yoga, use a corpse pose to end your practice to get yourself grounded. You will feel warm and fuzzy like a hot sizzling pot place on a cool surface. Enjoy the feeling, you did the hard work and it is time to give yourself some slack and rest.

A really great video explaining how to do a corpse pose by Chelsey Korus

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Summary – Try it out now

These are the 4 tips to use. You don’t need to use all at the same time. Pick up one that you resonate with and add into your exercise plan.

Don’t rush in and put everything in. Just do 1 tip for the 30 seconds, something easily achievable. You will feel good that you did the 1 tip and reap the benefit of an effective fitness workout. I wish you all the best and happy to hear from you if my tips help.