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5 reasons why daily meditation is important

Benefits of daily meditation and how it helps you in everything

Overall Benefits: How Meditation Helps

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Calmness and clarity

Based on my own experiences practicing meditation, I see meditation as bringing stillness, training the mind and bringing calmness to the mind, spirit, soul, and the body. I find clarity within the mind in order to see and know things that are for my better good.

Releasing of mental burdens

Meditation helps to ease the many mental burdens especially during those times when I felt lost. Feeling lost is a myriad of unsteady emotions that make you feel not at ease, unable to find comfort within. It feels like the mind is consistently running and my mind, soul, spirit and body are detached.

While this feeling is awful and meditation is the last thing in your mind, just sit still and focus on your breathing. Time after time, meditation helped to bring stillness within my mind and I found a sense of peace and calmness in my entire being after meditation. I saw a big difference in my health and wellbeing when I meditate, compared to those times when I did not meditate.

5 Reasons Why You Should Meditate Daily

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There are so many reasons why we should meditate daily, the list is endless on the health benefits of meditation, and these are the 5 reasons I would give to meditate every day:

1. Gain Inner Peace

What does it mean to have inner peace? Inner peace means to be in a state of mind where you are mentally and spiritually in-tune with yourself. You are able to gain, knowledge, wisdom and understanding of yourself and the world around you. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are clearer when you are peaceful. Those who gain inner peace within their being are less stressed, annoyed, anxious because they have a better understanding of themselves.

2. Makes you Grounded And Calmer

Meditation keeps you in-tune with your inner self and this keeps to your mind grounded and calmer. Since you gain a sense of inner peace when you meditate regularly, you mind body and spirit are in a relaxed state. You are not as stressed, nervous, annoyed or anxious about trivial affairs of life and is able to handle those things that show up in your life unexpectedly in a calm manner.

3. Increase Your Self-Awareness to find your life purpose and dreams

Self-awareness increases with meditation. It allows you to connect with your mind, spirit, body and your true self. As you begin to learn and know more about yourself, you gain a deeper understanding of who you are. You begin to learn more about your life purpose, your dreams and aspirations.

4. May Help Fight Addiction

Meditation daily will help turn the mind out of addictions that adversely affects the entire being. By meditating, you can seek to clarify on addiction reasons, and focus more on working on deeper solutions to resolve away those addictions.

5. Can Generate Kindness

Those who meditate daily generates empathy for others. Meditation allows oneself to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of themselves, their strength and weaknesses, they are more sympathetic with the feelings of others.


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Meditation can be any form – be it a walking meditation, plugging into your headphones to a meditation app like Headspace, a recommended list for meditation.. or simply just sitting still. Start from an easy 2 minutes and gradually increase your duration to 5 minutes, 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

Don’t conjure a topic out but let the mind run free when it has thoughts. After some time and with more practice, the mind will start to quieten down. 

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