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What’s next after 10 days of Vipassana course?

What to do after the 10 days of Vipassana course and my meditation journey after 2 years : Reflections of what happened after the course.

Yay, we conquered the 10 days of Vipassana

Completed the 10 days vipassana course
Feels like graduation after completing the 10 days course but it’s not the end after that!

Okay, it’s wrong to write “conquer”, suddenly I feel like it is more of a challenge completed than a mindful experience. Undergoing a 10 days retreat is achievable. Even if you did not complete the first time, don’t give up. You can try again or try out an alternative form of meditation such as coloring.

I shared my Vipassana journey, with my 10 days course done in Bali. That was in 2017 and now is in 2019, so what happened from then till now?

Sidetrack: Bali, Landih Ashram is an awesome place with the perfect climate for meditation.

The Constant Reminder to Meditate After The Course

The journey does not end after the 10-days course. The need to meditation regularly.
The journey does not end after the 10-days course. The need to meditation regularly.

After the 10 days course, you “graduate” and become an “old student”. I received some resources to help me to continue – website links with the audio resources used during the 10 days course and Vipassana ebooks (paid and free).

On your 8-10th day of the course, you would be consistently reminded to continue your meditation twice a day. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. 2 hours a day to maintain what you have achieved.

What Actually Happened

Sleeping instead of meditating
Zzz Zzz Zzz

Sad to say I did the upkeep of meditating twice a day for 5 day… and excuses started popping up: a packed schedule; will do it tomorrow (and the same excuse being used again the next day.), feel sleepy today etc.

Gradually I had 0 upkeep. I still do yoga regularly which kind of helped but definitely not the same state that I had experienced during the retreat.

What I Did Next

Going for a 1 day “old” student meditation

Source: https://www.dhamma.org/en/schedules/noncenter/sg

I went to the Singapore dharmma.org website to sign myself for a 1-day meditation in Singapore.

After I sending over a registration form, I received a confirmation email shortly after to acknowledge my registration. As my 10 days retreat was done in Bali, I had to attach the email copy of my Bali course confirmation (there is no certificate or similar sort to prove that you completed the 10 days course).

It started around 1 pm and ended at 7 pm. It was held in an office building in an industrial area (McPherson Road, for folks who are familiar).

For practitioners who is going to the same place

Head to the right side lift if you are going the same place. I took the lift on the right side to the 3rd floor and it was a religious Buddhist space. This was rather confusing.

Refresher/ Crash Course in a Day

Similar but not in robes

Anyways, the 1-day course will recap on Anapana, Vipassana and Metta practice that you learned in the 10 days course. I actually forgot about Metta practice until this 1-day course.

It was difficult to meditate for 5 hours when I stopped practicing for so long. I reckoned 70% of my meditation time were random thoughts, dozing off and trying to focus on my breath. The 10 days of meditation gave a good foundation. I was able to sit through comfortably on sitting position.

Once I have entered the room, I fell back to the silent meditation mode. Everyone started whispering to the servers and maintained the silent. Female and males were split into separate rooms with toilets and some refreshment. It was still odd to me why coffee and tea (Caffeine?). Grapes, banana and some biscuits were served as refreshment.

It was quite a turnout of around 20 plus, we meditated for an hour. Break for refreshment and toilet break. Repeat till it’s 7pm. It is the same as the 10 days course. An audio recording will play to signify the start and the end of a session. It’s the same familiar content we had in 10 days but summarised to a day.


  1. The room is air-conditioned. So bring a jacket or shawl.
  2. There are plenty of cushions to support cross-legged sitting, so there is no need to bring your own.
  3. If you have the financial capacity, please donate for the time and location used.
  4. Do help to keep the props after use. It’s a kind gesture to do so.


Reminder to meditate

Overall the 1-day course was a restart to my endless excuses of not meditating. It was also a good recap of what I have learned from the 10 days course which is now, pretty vague after 2 years.

I’m glad that there are places to continue with Vipassana meditation. To book a time, block out the afternoon to simply sit down together with like-minded people helps a lot.

I would love to know the people who were sitting with me in the session. However, given the “silent” mode and a constant reminder to detach ourselves from cravings and aversions, I feel so “detached” that once the meditation is done, I just headed out.

Does this count as a craving (to make friends)? I am not sure. I have a long way to go on this meditation journey. Maybe I will make an effort next time, just to see the difference.

My Journey So Far (In Visuals)

My meditation journey so far.. how about yours?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words. What’s better than a visual aid on my journey so far with meditation? Just like anything else, be it life, or a business, a friendship, it has its ups and downs.

I have judged myself the “nth” time that it’s probably not “done well” and I should have done better. Presumedly so but this is when I should step back and not look back at the prior outcomes.

The 1-day course is a recap of what I’ve learned in the 10 days Vipassana course. One of the main learnings is not to get attached to the outcome.

What I learned and should apply, is to face the situation calmly, assess what I’ve gained and what I could have done better. Continue to work on where I am. Remove the judgment (and self-guilt) and get going with my meditation!

Are You An Old Student Too?

How is your journey so far and have you been doing meditation regularly? I am very interested to hear from you. Comment over on your journey!

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