Welcome to Mindlessduck.com!

Writing down some of the best materials on meditation, mindfulness and simple living as a compilation for our use and also, as your resource.

What is Mindless Duck?

You must be wondering why this blog is called Mindless Duck. It is inspired by the quote: 

Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.

Michael Caines

While we may look calm, happy on the outside, we are actually highly volatile in our emotions internally. Our minds are literally buzzing non-stop from thoughts and getting distracted by our surroundings. 

I am just like the many who are overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. It was till I came across mindfulness from a TED talk by Chade Meng that I thought about mindfulness

When I started out, I was trying to find my way in the thick fog of distractions, worries, and negativity. On top of it are endless amount of resources. The more I seek, the more overwhelmed I became.

I wish for a site that has it all. A site that is lighthearted, simple and fun to the extent that adults and kids can read and enjoy the information. Thus, the creation of mindlessduck.com

About Ivan

Technology specialist at work. Gamer and caring dad after work. Always have a self-improvement book on hand. Learnt (and still learning) meditation, tried meditation, failed at meditation and picking up again.

Going beyond meditation and expanding my active book list to mindfulness and simple living.

About Kelly

Along the way, Kelly joined to actively contribute to the site. Kelly is my sister, so our wish to live simply have rubbed off each other! A decade over Yoga enthusiast, a design thinking practitioner, and an animal lover. As a spin-off from yoga, she picked up meditation and has tried free, paid, self-taught, chanting, chakra, Vipassana (and any other form) of meditation classes! Her design thinking and visual skills are very helpful to communicate in a simpler way and make reading enjoyable and useful.

Our Wish For This Site

In this journey, We are writing down some of the best materials on meditation, mindfulness and simple living that we came across from various sources as a compilation for my use and also, as your resource.

There is no right or wrong way to pick up meditation. We are working folks who tried out some stuff along the way and putting them down to share and also for us to recall back!

It will make us very happy if your mindfulness journey progress due to the site. 

If you are here for the first time, please take a look at our 1st youtube video and subscribe to our email for more resources and sharing.

Join us as a duckling in this journey of mindfulness!

The Mindless Duck Team – Ivan and Kelly