Guided Meditation: How to quiet the mind

Guided meditation can be a very useful tool for beginners to start meditating. A voice can help guide you to take mindful actions, it is the same as whether to go for a paid meditation class where an instructor is there to assist or a self-practice.

Selected Guided Meditations

Selected Guided Meditations

Here are a few selected guided meditation compiled from various sources for your use, as a way to thank you for coming into my life (through online!). I’m going to use the Japanese martial arts grading system to just keep it easy for you to identify your ‘level’.

Each guided meditation are slightly different and explores different aspect of yourself – be it mentally, emotionally or physically.

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White Belt – 5 Minutes Guided Meditation

This is a video from Quiet Mind Cafe

I’ve selected this as the guided meditation for 5 minutes but it lasts longer when you are listening to it. The instruction is simple, reassuring and relaxing.

For 5 minutes of your time, plug into a headphone. Listen to his instructions, allow your mind to wander and come back to his voice

After 5 minutes, how do you feel? Do you feel refreshed? Slightly relaxed? Stay here and return to this meditation (daily if possible) till you get more and more at ease with the meditation.

5 minutes may eventually feel short to you, this means you are one step towards mindfulness!

Blue Belt – 10 minutes guided meditation

This is a meditation on building inner awareness and being more mindful of yourself.

When you get more and more comfortable, try meditating longer for 15 minutes.

Brown Belt – 15 minutes guided meditation

Soften, soothe, allow:  Working with emotions in the body |

Stay in this meditation to work out your emotions. If you always feel emotionally drained, unhappy, use this to guide you on letting go of your emotions and open yourself up to self-acceptance.

Black Belt – 20-25 minutes guided meditation

This is a video from Mount Sinai Health System

Well, you got a hang of it! Continue to meditate with or without the guided meditations and keep up the good work!


These guided meditations have been screened by us to be great resources to help narrow down all the mountain of information we face.

If you wish to browse through more resources, here is a list of guided meditations.

This section will be constantly refreshed when we see good resources, so do come back here to check!

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